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The Center for the tests of measuring instruments and instrument making industry products for the effect of external factors makes tests of technical instruments for their compliance with the following regulatory documents:
GOST (State Standard) series 30630.0.0-99 and GOST PB 20.39.304-98, as well as
GOST 12997-84 and GOST 22261-94 as to the programs and procedures agreed with the Customer,
or with TU (Technical Requirements) requirements (developed in accordance with GOST 2.114-95 for a specific item)

The VNIIM is the only Testing center in the North-West Region of Russia accredited in the Certification System of Measuring Instruments and Equipment for the Federal Railway Transport.

The Centre performs testing on the basis of contracts and letters of commitment.

The cost of 1 hour of work varies from 280 to 530 RUB and depends on:

  • the type and complexity of work, its duration,
  • the mass and amount of testing items,
  • normative documentation available,
  • available accessories, etc.

The Testing Center is located in the Lomonosovsky Division of VNIIM.

The items to be tested shall be delivered to VNIIM by the Customer, unless the delivery terms are included into the contract for the testing.

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