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Scientific Research Laboratory of Measurement Standards for Aerohydrophysical Parameters

Main activities of the laboratory:

  • Maintenance and refurbishing of the State Special Measurement Standard of the temperature unit for water medium in the range of pulsation amplitude from 0,01 to 3 К and temperature pulsation frequencies from 0,5 to 100 Hz.
  • Research work aimed at standing improvement of the State Standard.
  • Scientific research and design and development work in the area of measurement assurance for physical parameters of atmosphere and hydrosphere
  • Development and metrological expertise of normative and technical documentation in the field of aerohydrophysical measurements
  • Pattern approval tests and certification of instruments measuring physical parameters of the atmosphere and the ocean - water and air temperature, atmospheric and hydrostatic pressure, speed and direction of air and water flows, specific electrical conductivity and sea water saltiness, optical parameters of the atmosphere and hydrosphere.
  • Verification and calibration of quick-response electronic thermometers and gauges measuring sea medium pulsation velocity operating in dynamic mode
  • Verification and calibration of oceanological hydrophysical CTD-probes, undulators and drifters.


State Special Measurement Standard of the water medium temperature unit in the amplitude pulsation range from 0,01 to 3 К and temperature pulsation frequencies from 0,5 to 100 Hz

The reference standard consists of:

  • A setup for the reproduction of rectangular regular pulsations of the water medium temperature.
  • A setup for the reproduction of turbulent temperature pulsations of water flow (large hydrodynamic pool, “Submerged Jet” setup)
  • Standard thermometer ОМТ-1 for the measurement and registration of the amplitude of temperature pulsations
  • Thermometers for the measurement and registration of background flow temperature
  • Setup for the calibration of resistance thermometers in static mode which includes a standard platinum resistance thermometer of the first order.
  • Facility for the registration and analysis of the output signal from a reference thermometer which includes a quick-response digital oscillograph, spectrum analyzer and a PC.

The measurement standard is able to reproduce and to transfer the temperature unit in dynamic mode at background temperatures 270,15 to 308,15 К and a speed of water flows up to 20 m/s to quick-response thermometers used in nuclear power engineering and for the explorations of the world ocean, Arctic and Antarctic.

Hydrodynamic bench for the determination of amplitude-frequency characteristics of the water flow temperature quick-response detectors

The tested random signal is hydrodynamic temperature pulsation. The generated frequencies range from 1 to 45 Hz, the decreasing spectrum has 5/3 indication, the maximum amplitude of temperature pulsations is 1,5 K at 20 oC. The spectrum instability is 1,5 dB/m in the frequency range from 20 to 30 Hz.

Standard setup for the realization of fixed points TTB and Ga in the temperature scale, reference thermometers and precision liquid thermostats for the verification and calibration of measurement channels of the temperature of high precision oceanological instruments.

The instability of maintaining the heat carrier temperature (antifreeze) in the thermostat is not less than 0,001 oС/30 min in the range from minus 5 to 45 o C. The error (standard deviation) of the reference digital thermometer АСТ-1 with a platinum resistance thermometer is 0,0015 oС; when using with the bridge UGT-1 the error is not less than 0,001 oС.

Reference bridge and conductometric cells, salimeter and the State Reference Samples of sea water solutions for the verification and calibration of measurement channels of specific or relative electric conductivity of oceanographic CTD-probes.

The equipment is used for the verification of measurement channels of specific and relative electric conductivity of CTD-probes having the limits of permissible error of ±0,0005 Sm/m or ±0,0015 REC units.

Standard deadweight testers and facility for the verification and calibration of depth-gauges and measurement channels of hydrostatic pressure of submersible crafts and oceanological instruments.

Verification of the measuring channel of pressure of the oceanological probe SBE 19 (USA) using standard deadweight testers of 0,02 accuracy type, models MP-60 and MP-600 with sets of weights for the realization of hydrostatic gauge pressure in the range from 0,6 to 60 MPa.

Large and small hydrodynamic pools for non-disassembling study of metrological characteristics of large-size oceanological measuring instruments such as drifters, undulators and other sea instruments with temperature channels, hydrostatic pressure, specific electric conductivity, flow rates and hydrochemical parameters of sea water.

Hydrodynamic pool with a free submerged jet and a three-dimensional coordinate device for the study of metrological characteristics of instruments measuring speed and temperature.

The test signal is a quasi-steady state process generated by temperature speed pulsations taking place in the area of isotropic turbulence of the submerged jet.

The size of the mirror is 15x10 meters, depth - 4,3 m.

The speed of the outflow of the underwater jet is regulated in the range from 0,5 to 5 m/s, the confusor diameter is 60 mm.

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