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 Products & Services

VNIIM’s major task is to ensure uniformity of measurements throughout Russia and the world, as well as to develop and improve measurement standards necessary to advance the growth of national industry and economy.

Along with innovative scientific research the Institute employs its cutting-edge expertise to produce high quality products and to provide services to all industries and economic sectors.
We offer our partners and customers the following services:

  • Development and supply of unique measuring instruments and information measuring systems
  • Permorming high-accuracy measurements
  • Tests of Russian and foreign measuring devises
  • Development and supply of the following standard materials:
    • measures of quantities
      a) physical agents (substances and materials);
      b) used as working or secondary standards (reference measures, standard measures)
    • reference standards of substances and materials (reference standards)
    • reference standards of the composition and properties of substances and materials, including those used as working standards
  • Verification and calibration of measuring instruments
  • Certification of instrument-making industry products
  • Tests of measuring instruments and instrument-making industry products for the influence of external factors
  • Certification of testing equipment
  • Accreditation of laboratories and metrological services
  • Proficiency evaluation of testing and measurement laboratories
  • Certification and development of measurement procedures
  • Development and metrological expertise of certificates and regulations in the field of measurement, metrology, standardization and certification
  • Advanced high quality training in metrology
 Products & Services
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